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Roadzilla™ Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and RAE's 1:1 Modified Graco® Hydraulic Striper make MMA Applications Easier Than Ever!

Plural Component Modified Graco® Line Striper and Roadzilla® Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Combined for Easy Installation of the World's Toughest Marking Paint!

PRESS RELEASE - RAE MMA - May 14, 2012 [PDF 420kb]

Roadzilla®  MMA High-Performance Pavement Marking Paint

"One of the World's Toughest Road Marking Systems!"

MMA's long lasting performance has been proven with its more than 20 years of use worldwide. It has been road-tested and performance proven in Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany, as well as on some of the toughest roads in America. Roadzilla® outperforms other marking systems hands down, and significantly improves visibility and motorist safety.

In addition, RAE Products' new modified Graco® Plural Component Striper can also be used for two-color striping of ordinary paints, similar to the ability of Graco's two-pump truck mounted sprayers - Roadpak™ & Roadlazer™