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Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd Yellow (City/County) - Bag (50 lbs.)

Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd Yellow (City/County)
(sold in 50 lb. bags - 2,000 lbs per skid)

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Price per bag (50lb.) $52.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: TH-CC-205-Y-BAG

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Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd Yellow (City/County)

RAE's Swarcotherm™ Thermoplastic is a pavement marking material that is a 100% solid, environmentally and user safe marking paint. It is a mixture of Swarco glass beads, pigments, binder, and filler materials. Thermoplastic, as its name suggests, becomes liquid when heat is applied.

Hot applied thermoplastic is prepared in a melting kettle where the granular material is heated until it liquefies at temperatures exceeding 375° F. An agitator keeps the thermoplastic blended until it is transferred into a screed, ribbon or spray device where it is then shaped into its specified width and thickness as a line, legend or symbol. Glass beads are immediately applied to provide initial retro-reflectivity.

When applied on asphalt surfaces, thermoplastic marking paint develops a thermal bond via heat-fusion. When applied on Portland Concrete Cement and on oxidized or aged asphaltic surfaces, and a recommended sealer is properly applied, a tenacious mechanical bond is achieved.

Product Description

The four main properties of thermoplastic are:

  • Glass beads - provide the retroreflectivity necessary for its bright night time appearance
  • Pigments - provide the color and opacity
  • Binder - a mixture of plasticizer and resins that provide toughness, flexibility, and bond strength while holding all the components together
  • Fillers - such as calcium carbonate, sand and/or other inert substances that provide bulk

Providing that all necessary conditions are met concerning temperature of material and substrate, absence of moisture, road preparation and minimum thickness, you can achieve excellent performance using thermoplastic pavement marking compounds. Typical performance life ranges from 4 to 8 years depending on roadway conditions.

Yellow Thermoplastic being applied with Graco's ThermoLazer HandLiner
Graco® Thermolazer applying Yellow Thermoplastic Extrude and Glass Beads.

Additional Information

RAE Item # TH-CC-205-Y
Swarco Part # F-TAY-CC205-LF-RE
Description Swarcotherm™ Alkyd Ribbon Extrude Yellow - City/County 205
  • Expected Life of 5+ Years at 90 MIL thickness
  • Good Dry Reflectivity
  • Leading edge glass bead reflective technology
  • Swarco's thermoplastic outperforms other road marking systems
  • AASHTO M-249 Specification incorporating changes required to meet specific state specifications.
  • Standard packaging is forty 50lb. bags per 42" x 42" pallet. A moisture protective cap, with machine applied stretch film for increased protection and handling. Bags are thermodegradable and may be melted with the product.
Product Specifications
  • Binder - 18% min.
  • Pigment - N.A. color chip - 13538, STD 595 (unless specified)
  • Glass Beads - 30-40%
  • Inert Filler - 49% max
Physical Properties
  • Specific Gravity: 2.15 Max.
  • Softening Point: 200 F Min
  • Color Reflectance: 70% min after heating 4 hrs at 425°F-White
  • Color Reflectance: 45% min after heating 4 hrs at 425°F-Yellow
  • Bond Strength: 300+ PSI
  • Drying Time: Less than 15 min at ambient temp of 90° F.



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Swarcotherm Alkyd Ribbon Extrude Yellow Thermoplastic Tech Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Swarcotherm Alkyd Thermoplastic for Road Marking FREE - 2,000 lbs. (1 ton) Swarco Thermoplastic with Graco ThermoLazer Purchase  
Product Data Sheet MSDS Thermo Sales Flyer  
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Thermo in Action Graco® Promelt    



    Tons Per MilePounds Per Ft.Feet Per TonTons Per KmMeters Per Ton
    Spray Material - Atomized or Airless (ribbon)
    60 mil thickness (1.5 millimeters)0.5280.210,0000.3283,050
    90 mil thickness (2.3 millimeters)0.7920.36,6670.4922,032
    Screed / Extrude - Moderately smooth concrete or asphalt
    60 mil thickness (1.5 millimeters)0.620.2359,0000.3852,744
    90 mil thickness (2.3 millimeters)0.910.3456,2500.5651,906
    120 mil thickness (3.0 millimeters)1.1730.4444,5000.7281,372
    Screed / Extrude - Open or coarse grade surface
    60 mil thickness (1.5 millimeters)0.7880.39,0000.3852,744
    90 mil thickness (2.3 millimeters)0.9960.3776,2500.5651,906
    120 mil thickness (3.0 millimeters)1.2270.4654,5000.7281,372


    30 MIL60 MIL90 MIL100 MIL125 MIL
    4 " Line450 ft.225 ft.150 ft.135 ft.108 ft.
    6" Line300 ft.150 ft.100 ft.90 ft.72 ft.
    8" Line225 ft.112 ft.75 ft.67 ft.54 ft.
    12" Line150 ft.75 ft.50 ft.45 ft.36 ft.
    18" Line100 ft.50 ft.33 ft.30 ft.24 ft.
    24" Line75 ft.37 ft.25 ft.22 ft.18 ft.
    Straight Arrows12 arrows6 arrows4 arrows3.5 arrows2.8 arrows
    Turn Arrows9.6 arrows4.8 arrows3.2 arrows2.9 arrows2.3 arrows
    Double Arrows5.2 arrows2.63 arrows1.75 arrows1.5 arrows1.2 arrows
    ONLY6.5 ONLY3.2 ONLY2.1 ONLY1.9 ONLY1.5 ONLY
    STOP7.8 STOP3.2 STOP2.1 STOP1.9 STOP1.5 STOP
    SLOW6.2. SLOW3.1 SLOW2.0 SLOW1.8 SLOW1.5 SLOW
    TURN6.3 TURN3.1 TURN2.1 TURN1.9 TURN1.5 TURN
    LEFT6.5 LEFT3.2 LEFT2.1 LEFT1.9 LEFT1.5 LEFT

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